Having your organisation certified in asset management represents a significant milestone for any small business, large corporation, or organised body related to asset management. A few benefits of organisational certification are as follows: improved understanding of your organisational capability, ability to benchmark your organisation against competitors, and improved bottom lines.

Through the Asset Management Council, organisations may be certified in either of the following ways:

Company-Wide Individual Certification – Each eligible employee within the organization is individually certified in asset management, a title they will hold throughout their career.

Comprehensive Organizational Certification – The entire organization’s asset management systems are reviewed and the company is given feedback as a whole.

Company-Wide Individual Certification

The Asset Management Council offers four levels of certification for asset management practitioners at an individual level. They are as follows:

    • Certified Associate in Asset Management - CAAM
    • Certified Practitioner in Asset Management - CPAM
    • Certified Senior Practitioner in Asset Management - CSAM
    • Certified Fellow in Asset Management - CFAM 
    • Certified Asset Management Asessor - CAMA
      • CAMA certification is based on GFMAM competencies, ISO 55001, and is an approved certification for JAS-ANZ 

The AM Council’s individual certification scheme is internationally recognized. For more information on individual certification, please visit amcouncil.com.au/certification/

Comprehensive Organizational Certification

The Asset Management Council offers comprehensive organisational certification in conjunction with our Asset Management Award (AMA) platform. 

Within this platform, companies are assessed on their overall asset management systems and processes. The review begins when the organisation submits a formal written document about their current asset management procedures, upon which the AM Council’s Review Team will perform an on-site inspection and analysis of the corporation to determine capability within the following criteria:

    • Management and Leadership 
    • Asset Management Culture
    • Asset Acquisition
    • Asset Management Plan Development
    • Asset Management Plan Implementation
    • Performance evaluation
    • Analysis and improvement.

Each category is reviewed based on approach, organisational process, results, and improvement. Following this analysis, the Review Team compiles a comprehensive report of the organisation’s asset management systems, including a rating against each of the review criteria, overall strengths & opportunities, and a benchmark against the AM Council's Levels of Achievement (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum).

Should corporations wish to do so, certification also allows for the following public promotional opportunities: a formal presentation at the Asset Management Council’s annual Awards Ceremony, announcements in the The Asset Journal, an announcement in the AM Council’s monthly newsletter, and announcements in the Asset Management Council’s online blog.

For more information on organizational certification, please download the application handbook.