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Asset Management Accountability Framework (AMAF)Download
Powering Better Performance in the Electricity SectorDownload
Powering Better Performance in the Electricity SectorDownload
Effective Asset ManagementDownload
Asset Management Critical Factors for FleetsDownload
Determining a Cost Effective SystemDownload
Defending the BusinessDownload
Asset Management – Defending the BusinessDownload
The (40 Year) Cycle of LifeDownload
40 Year Life Cycle Outlook for Building AssetsDownload
Electricity Network Asset Replacement/Refurbishment Decision Support for Linear PlatformDownload
Sparking Up the Electricity Sector With A Linear PlatformDownload
Understanding ReliabilityDownload
Rethinking Renewal in Asset ManagementDownload
Reliability-Based Feasibility Study of Asset Renewal Involving Intangible FactorsDownload
Planning for Success Optimising the Translation of Asset Planning to Capital Delivery StrategyDownload
Failing to planDownload
Finding the Efficiency FrontierDownload
Linear Optimisation Techniques for Asset Renewal PrioritisationDownload

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