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The Dish gets an Upgrade


One of Australia’s most famous assets is about to undergo an upgrade. The CSIRO Parkes radio telescope, known to many of us as The Dish, will get a new receiver, meaning it will significantly increase the amount of sky it can see at any given time.

The Dish is no stranger to Aussie legend. Back in 1969, our radio telescope was responsible for those images we see of the astronauts from Apollo 11 walking on the moon. Decades later, in 2000, the Dish was thrust into the spotlight again, with Working Dog Productions highlighting its important role in relaying those steps onto the moon’s surface to a new generation through the dramatised movie adaptation, appropriately named The Dish.

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Fighting Robots


The future of the defence force looks to be integrating its human assets with new robotic assets, coming together in a program to become joint lethal protectors.

The use of advanced technologies in battle are increasing and it is predicted that by the middle of this century, military forces will contain many thousands of robots, and our human commanders and soldiers will l be informed and guided by artificial intelligence1.

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Attack Class Submarine – Equipment Partners

liam briese FN7Lvl0ECDc unsplashGreat news for defence assets and Australian manufacturing recently, when two home-grown businesses were awarded contracts for the equipment designs on the Attack Class Submarine program.

The businesses will partner with international companies to deliver and sustain the Medium Capacity Press, High Capacity Press and Large Capacity Milling Machines (LCMM) required for the submarines. The two presses will shape the steel for the bulk head and hull of the assets. The LCMM is a multi-purpose cutting tool that will be used in a number of ways in relation to submarine’s hull1.

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New Director-General of Australian Signals Directorate


News announced mid-December of an incoming Director-General of the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD). Commencing in February 2020, Ms Rachel Noble PSM will become the first woman to lead the ASD, a major intelligence agency in Australia.

The ASD is the government agency responsible for foreign signals intelligence, support to military operations, and cyber and information security. Its purpose is to defend Australia’s national interests from global threats by leveraging technology to inform, protect and disrupt1

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Defence assets provide rescue and relief


Recently, the news that set fingertips tingly, the silver lining around the orange, smoke-haze cloud that hangs over our head, is that some of our biggest defence assets have been called in to help with the action.The bushfires currently ravaging Australia will come as no surprise to readers. Since September in NSW, and December in Victoria and South Australia, bushfires have claimed lives and homes, razed through our flora and fauna, livestock and lifestyles.

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