Maintenance & Reliability in Asset Management


Felicia Tristanto

The tiny hole at the needle distal of the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Dispenser is frequently blocked due to the impure glue or clotted glue. Although many research studies have been performed for Intelligent Maintenance System (IMS), few of them are relevant to the discussion on the result of the process in this respect.

For the most part, the downtime of a packaging production line occurs in the glue dispensing process. This paper is related to the feasibility study for the IMS application on the glue dispensing machine. It not only possesses the capability of self-diagnosis and self-improvement by employing effective data learning, but also ensures the equipment works safely for a long time. To implement such a diagnosis system, the raw data is collected directly from the images with the cameras on the equipment, and these data provided for the Back-Propagation Neural Network system to learn. The Back-Propagation Neural Network system is applicable to predicate these kinds of failure problems. The feasibility study of forming a knowledge exploration and intelligent decision-making system by making use of the theory of the Back-Propagation Neural Network system, it can be discussed  hrough a case study. Click here to read more

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