Big data is a big deal in the world

Big Data

We are all connected: to each other, to our devices, and to a vast number of systems within the government and private sectors. This is quite obviously due to the arrival of the Internet of Things (IoT), those wearable and portable devices that connect us to the internet. Such gadgets yield copious amounts data, and present both huge challenges and fabulous ways to build value. Known as big data, it has totally revolutionised the way many businesses and organisations operate.

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Taking a step into Predictive Maintenance

Data Better Idea

Throughout the month of December, we’re taking a closer look at predictive maintenance, with an article each week to showcase its importance in relation to asset management. If you missed the first one you can find it here, or read on to enjoy our next thrilling instalment.

As noted in our first article, predictive maintenance is all about forecasting future failures in your assets. In other words, predictive maintenance offers a view of what was previously unseeable, and therefore take maintenance operations to the next level. 

That’s all very well, but how is predictive maintenance best implemented? The answer lies in data. 

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Using Analytics to Build Value

Using Analytics

You can’t be in the contemporary world and be unaware of data: its volume, its importance, and its pitfalls. Whenever we download an app, or buy something online, or even just sign up to a newsletter, we are giving the business our personal data. That business then has the opportunity to leverage that data to its own benefit.

Take Google, for example. The powerhouse began as a simple search engine in the late 1990s, but has woven its way into knowing every aspect of our lives: job searching to dating, where we travel and what we buy. The data—to say nothing about the huge breach in privacy currently being investigated by the ACCC—held by Google is beyond anything we can possibly imagine.

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Helping industry in Gippsland boost their business

Delegates after the networking session

An AMCouncil supported seminar at Federation University Australia’s Gippsland campus was recently held to bring together representatives from local industries to learn new ways to strengthen their business. The Asset Management Workshop hosted by the School of Science, Engineering and Information Technology on 28th November 2019 was a houseful event with more than forty delegates in person and online. The event focused on helping businesses to reduce the cost of operational maintenance, reduce the risk of failures and further enhance the performance of assets.

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Perth crowns 2019 WA Asset Management Guru of the Year

3A great turn out to the Perth Chapter event last week and a tremendous amount of support for up and coming young asset management practitioners (YAMP) into the industry. Thanks to Work Management Solutions for sponsoring the event, and a special mention to the following YAMP contributors who shared their industry experiences and challenges within asset management to date from a personal perspective: Ugur Azak; Abei Ding; Jorge Preciado; Mitchell Khaw; and Elizabeth White.

Discussed by the panel was:

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