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DigitalInfrastructureSymposiumAdvertBlogDon't miss out on our upcoming Digital Infrastructure Symposium. The one day event is selling fast, only $350 for members and $450 for non-members. Discover more and register today

This one day Symposium is jam-packed full of digital infrastructure insights and will benefit anyone from an asset intensive sector. Join 12 first-class speakers as they share their invaluable knowledge of best practice solutions and key challenges affecting industries using digital infrastructure.

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Back to Basics with Shutdown Planning

BLOG 11Discover how the so-called process industry has often used shutdown or turnaround procedure to carry out intensive maintenance work while stopping production. We venture back through time to the 1950s to compare aspects of annual shutdowns then and now.

A personal account revealing the history behind the planning of annual overhaul work in the process industry, from the first step in the management cycle to the last: Planning - Organising - Leading - Controlling. Discover how these functions form a never-ending cycle, where there is never-ending room for improvement.

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Powering Better Performance in the Electricity Sector

BLOG10Explore how the Canadian electrical company, PowerStream, developed a new approach to defining its value and risk frameworks, rigorous capital planning and decision making cycle to boost its performance.

PowerStream's ultimate goal was to identify the highest value capital plan across the entire organisation (including fleet, facilities and IT), while complying with internal 5-year capital constraints and the Ontario Energy Board's (OEB) regulations. Discover how the implementation of a new value-based framework has significantly improved its ability to respond to the OEB's new demands around outcomes in four key areas: customer focus, operational effectiveness, public policy responsiveness, and financial performance.
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Determining Key Assets

CogsIt was a full house on the 27th September 2017 for Brisbane's latest technical chapter event on Asset Management systemimplementation: determining key assets. Asset Management depends upon the determination of key asset requirements in order to provide effective and efficient methods to avoid catastrophic failure or expensive rework to meet those requirements. How do practitioners effectively manage assets which are very complex or where they may be reaching their economic life when an error has the potential to cause significant loss of life and/or negative publicity?

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Defending Your Business

blog 9No matter how well you deliver value to your stakeholders through the careful management of productive assets, there are two potentially lethal challenges that your business can face in our changing world: the first is Class Actions and the second is Opaque regulatory Determinations. Explore the role of quantitative fact and risk based decision processes and demonstrable audit trails in development a successful defence and their application in achieving a defensible asset management budget.

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