Updated SIS now out!

NSW GovernmentThe State Infrastructure Strategy (SIS) is a 20-year infrastructure investment plan for the NSW Government that places strategic fit and economic merit at the centre of investment decisions. The Strategy assesses infrastructure problems and solutions, and provides recommendations to best grow the State's economy, enhance productivity and improve living standards for our NSW community. It is updated every five years, the latest of which is now out and makes good reading. You can view it here.

Smart City Infrastructure for the future of Newcastle

Picture TwoDr Nathanial Bavinton, Smart City Coordinator for the City of Newcastle, last night presented at the Newcastle Chapter's March meeting on A Smart City Infrastructure for the future of Newcastle.

With Newcastle moving rapidly to adopt smart city technologies as part of the urban revitalisation of the city, Federal and State governments are investing in the vision for infrastructure to enable a range of new approaches to asset management and service delivery, which will position the city as a technology development testbed.

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Risk Engineering Society Victoria News

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This quarter's edition includes topics such as:

- How to take and manage risks to achieve project success

- What is the application of cognitive biases in risk management?

- Reflections on Safety