Current and Future Systems for Monitoring Remote Fixed and Mobile Assets

How do you track what you can’t see? As industry pushes towards driverless machinery, reliable tracking of remote and rural mobile assets becomes more and more essential. Fixed assets such as piping buried underground or underwater, which are not feasible or easily accessible, need monitoring for protection. This is a major industry hurdle as “30% of all organisations do not know what they own, where their assets are located or who is using them.” This combined with the fact that “65% of fixed asset data is incomplete, inaccurate or missing altogether,” results in significant losses of money, clients and control.  Read more here

Asset Management at San Francisco BART


On Friday 19th May the AMCouncil Melbourne Chapter were delighted to welcome to Melbourne John McCormick, who is the Department Manager, Operations Planning Bay Area Rapid Transit District San Francisco.  A special lunchtime event was held at Engineers Australia where John McCormick shared some insights into the asset management and operations of BART.

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Infrastructure Priority List 2017 Update

Infrastructure Australia has developed an Infrastructure Priority List which is updated regularly. Take a look at the list here Infrastructure Priority List
"In the Australian Infrastructure Plan, Infrastructure Australia identified a number of ways in which infrastructure investment and reform can help achieve infrastructure reforms that improve our productivity. This includes:

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