The Latest from the Adelaide Chapter

INCOSE International Conference

Last week on the 19th July our Sensei, Jim Kennedy, attended the International Systems Engineering conference in Adelaide to participate in a ninety minute panel session. The session, entitled 'Systems Engineering and Asset Management, Two Sides of the Same Coin', explored the common ground between Asset Management and Systems Engineering. The four panel members each gave a ten minute opening warm up then faced the enquiring minds of the systems engineering audience.

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The Latest from the Sydney Chapter

The Sydney Chapter of the Asset Management Council hosted a meeting on Thursday, 20th July, 2017, on the topic of Human Factors in Asset Management. At this meeting, presenter Max Hely - Manager, Sydney Trains, with three decades' experience in providing Human Factors and safety management services, research, investigations and education to industry - shone a light on what may seem a 'dark art'. He expanded on Human Factors, analysis and decision making throughout an Asset lifecycle. Max dispelled some of the myths and expanded on the integration of Human Factors with Asset lifecycle management.

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The Latest from the Brisbane Chapter

2017 07 brisbane chapterThe recent Brisbane Chapter Seminar was held on the 12th July, 2007. The 50+ strong audience were informed about managing assets within a constrained environment based around the water industry. The event was chaired by Ken Chapman and we heard from three engaging speaker’s: Mick Drews, Program Manager from SeqWater; Marc Avery, Executive Coordinator Asset Investment Planning from Gold Coast Water and Waste; and Keith Paintin, Engineering Asset Management Technical Leader from Jacobs.

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