Tunnelling – it’s not all boring!


Melbourne’s underground transport network is a creeping network. For those of us above-ground, we take little notice that, when standing in the CBD, there is so much going on beneath the surface. Because we give nary a second thought to the network underfoot, equally forgivable is the fact that most of us probably don’t know the half of what is involved with tunnelling itself.

So, is there more to making a tunnel than burrowing? You betcha there is!

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Themes of Asset Management

James Price Symp

During the Asset Management Council’s recent Asset Management in Government Symposium, held on Friday 4th October at the Pan Pacific Melbourne on the picturesque South Wharf, there were key themes that sprang from each speaker. Read on to learn more about the day and the speakers’ themes.

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A fantastic day spent in asset management

Symposium BlogIt is Friday 4th October at Pan Pacific Melbourne, a beautiful venue on South Wharf. The Asset Management Council is holding the annual Asset Management in Government Symposium. Delegates number over 130, with attendees from across the nation in both government departments and the private sector. The room is buzzing with anticipation. People mingle; some make new introductions, others reconnect.

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Goods News for Asset Management in Victorian School Facilities

The Victorian government announced a large injection of maintenance funding for every Victorian government school. 

Mr James Merlino, the Minister for Education, made the annoucement on Monday 2nd September, stating that each government school will receive a share of $515 million. The boost of funding will ensure the existing 36,000 school buildings1are upgraded to provide school children a safe and modern learning environment. 

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