Climate Emergency and Asset Management

ClimateThere is a lot in the news at the moment regarding climate change and the state of emergency the world is in. The effects of greenhouse gases (GHG) already emitted are considered wholly irreversible, and unless there is a targeted, collective approach to lowering carbon emissions, the world is doomed. Exactly how the world is doomed is unclear: no scientist or futurist is able to give a definitive forecast of how the earth will look if the advice to lower carbon emissions remains unheeded.

But to do nothing is to risk everything.

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What happens to critical assets on decommissioning?


The HMAS Melbourne (III) was decommissioned on Saturday 26th October, berthing at Garden Island, Sydney, for the last time. It was a poignant ceremony, especially for the two-hundred men and women who served aboard the ship.

The ship has over two decades of service to this nation. She was deployed on operations across the globe, including the Middle East eight times, and earning battle honours for her service in East Timor and the Persian Gulf1.The ship’s motto is ‘she gathers strength as she goes’2 which is as fine a motto as you’ll ever hear and, given her capability right to decommissioning, rings perfectly true.

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A cyber scam came knocking


Recently, while dabbling on my personal laptop at home, I decided it was time to delete my spam folder. I clicked on the folder and waited for the emails to flood in. As well as just clearing for the sake of clearing it, I was looking for a specific email that I hadn’t yet received, despite the sender assuring me it had been sent.

And then I found something that made my heart leap outta my chest and my eyes pop wide.

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