Taking a step into Predictive Maintenance

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Throughout the month of December, we’re taking a closer look at predictive maintenance, with an article each week to showcase its importance in relation to asset management. If you missed the first one you can find it here, or read on to enjoy our next thrilling instalment.

As noted in our first article, predictive maintenance is all about forecasting future failures in your assets. In other words, predictive maintenance offers a view of what was previously unseeable, and therefore take maintenance operations to the next level. 

That’s all very well, but how is predictive maintenance best implemented? The answer lies in data. 

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Using Analytics to Build Value

Using Analytics

You can’t be in the contemporary world and be unaware of data: its volume, its importance, and its pitfalls. Whenever we download an app, or buy something online, or even just sign up to a newsletter, we are giving the business our personal data. That business then has the opportunity to leverage that data to its own benefit.

Take Google, for example. The powerhouse began as a simple search engine in the late 1990s, but has woven its way into knowing every aspect of our lives: job searching to dating, where we travel and what we buy. The data—to say nothing about the huge breach in privacy currently being investigated by the ACCC—held by Google is beyond anything we can possibly imagine.

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Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Welcome to the first of four in a series of predictive maintenance. Throughout the month of December, we’ll be taking a closer look at predictive maintenance. In this article, though, we’re going to start at the very beginning, because according to Rodgers and Hammerstein, it’s a ‘very good place to start’. The first paver on the road to incorporating predictive maintenance, and the journey to building value from your assets, lies in understanding:

What is predictive maintenance?

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Perth's Government in Asset Management Forum

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Great turn out for the Perth Chapter’s second Government in Asset Management Forum. Thank you to the Treasury Department for sharing an overview of their Strategic Asset Management Framework, the Water Corporation for hosting the event and thanks to those who participated in the forum and discussions.

Historical assets


On November 12th 1919, two Adelaide brothers, Keith and Ross Smith, made history when they flew from London to Darwin in the Great Air Race, in a Vickers Vimy WWI Bomber. Telegrams sent at each stop seized the interest of the nation; the excitement sorely needed to balm the woes of the recent Great War. The Smith brothers won the race, arriving in Darwin on December 10, 1919, to cheers from a crowd of over 1500 people.

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