The research arm of leading economic consultancy Econsult Solutions Inc, ESI ThoughtLab, has just released findings from a worldwide benchmarking study of 136 cities that the catalytic impacts associated with becoming a smarter city have the potential to increase GDP per capita by as much as 21% and population growth by 13% over the next five years for cities beginning their smart city journey.

Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney were among the cities included in the research.

Broadspectrum is part of Ferrovial Services, which was a major sponsor of this research. Ferrovial Services is an international benchmark in the design and provision of solutions that improve the efficiency, functionality and sustainability of infrastructure and cities.

Download a copy of the ESI ThoughtLab Press Release here.

If you would like to know more details about the study, please contact the ESI ThoughtLab, Mike Daly,
Communication Specialist,

You can also contact Andrea Prieto, corporate Marketing Manager, Broadspectrum at to access Ferrovial Services’ insights into the findings of the report.