Recently, the Asset Management Council’s Brisbane chapter held a Technical Session that garnered over 70 confirmed registrants. Organised by Brisbane Chapter Chair Gopinath Chadopadhay, the event’s presentations came from Dr Monique Beedles of Teak Yew and Robert Crow of the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO). Below is a summary of the event.

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Dr. Monique Beedles, a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, was the first to present. Her topic was based around her research paper, “Organisational Performance from an Asset Management Perspective” in which she highlighted topics such as: ISO55000 and the generation of value for organisations, the need for organisation-wide performance metrics, and how lessons learned can inform best practices. For the full research paper Monique presented, you may purchase the “AMPEAK Conference Technical USB” from our online store, which contains all technical papers and presentations form our most recent AMPEAK conference. (Store) Also, if you would like to read an interview with Monique about this paper, please click here.

The second presenter of the day was Robert Crowe, Director Engineering at DMO, who presented on “Maintenance Requirement Determination and Reliability, Availability, Maintainability Disciplines in support of Army Aviation – From There to Here to Where?” Among the many topics highlighted during his presentation, a few of the key points Robert touched on are as follows: the Australian Defence Force’s value of MRD in generating capability and reducing cost of ownership for their Black Hawk and Chinook helicopters, the recent history of the MRD and RAM capability in support of Army Aviation, and the challenges faced as a result of the outsourcing philosophy of the 1990’s. 

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