Recently, the Tasmanian Chapter Chair held a technical session attended by over 15 delegates from TasWater, TasNetworks, TasPorts, TasRail, Hydro Tasmania, the Asset Management Council and GHD.

To start the session, Michael Killeen from the AMBoK team presented on the maturity assessment process, and Anne Gibbs provided insight into the AM Council’s updates on future programs. To view Anne and Michael’s presentations, click either of the following links:

After these presentations, Wayne Tucker of TasNetworks presented on how the Tasmanian Networks Pty Ltd (TasNetworks) delivers electricity and telecommunication network services for the greater Tasmania area. TasNetworks commenced operations on 1 July 2014 with the merger of the Aurora Energy's distribution network (the poles and wires) and TasNetwork Networks' transmission network (the big towers and lines). They supply power from generation sources to homes and businesses in Tasmania through a network of transmission towers, substations and power lines. During his presentation, Wayne provided an overview of asset management at TasNetworks and a summary of the key challenges and opportunities. He discussed the TasNetwork journey so far and the future direction for asset management.

After Wayne’s presentation, Paul Davis presented on risk-based renewal planning for sewer pumping stations at TasWater. TasWater has recently completed its first Strategic Asset Management Plan, and as part of this plan a number of strategic initiatives are in place to assess asset criticality in order to understand asset condition and the levels of risk posed by different asset classes across the business. As part of these initiatives, recent work has focused on Sewer Pump Stations (SPS).

With over 700 individual SPS spread geographically across the state, the challenge for Paul is to identify the subset of highest risk assets, understand condition and performance and ultimately to schedule upgrade/renewals in a prudent and efficient manner. His presentation described the process that has been adopted for state-wide risk assessment of SPS, condition and performance assessment and renewals planning. To view his presentation, click here:

For the final presentation of the event, Ian Walker provided an update on the AM Council’s AMPEAK Asset Management Conference and discussed his paper on the importance of the balance between Cost, Risk, and Performance when considering capital investment decision making. Ian also provided the delegates with an appraisal of the AMPEAK papers and speakers, and provided all with encouragement to attend the next conference in Adelaide in 2016. To view his presentation, click here: