Tuesday 09 August 2016, 1:00PM - 5:00PM at Marina Views function centre on the Harbour, 97 Hannell St Wickham

This seminar aims to simplify all the talk around the new ISO55001 standard and to outline the practicalities of the "what", "why" and "how".
1. WHAT is this standard about and what are the differences between compliance and accreditation?
2. WHY would organisations refer to this standard? Why would they need to? Why would they spend all the time and effort to gain compliance or certification?
3. HOW has it been implemented within organisations and industry sectors so far?

  • a. How did organisations approach the task of compliance or certification?
  • b. How did they resource the project?
  • c. What were some of the tricks and pitfalls?
  • d. What was some of their lessons learnt?

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