The Asset Management Systems Model and its companion model, the Organisation Management Systems Model, represents the AM Councils view on the elements of an asset management system and how it fits into the broader organisational management system framework respectively. It is designed to provide asset managers with a definition of what the "elements" in the ISO 55000 definition of an asset management system (shown below) might be.

An asset management system is a set of interrelated and interacting elements of an organization, whose function is to establish the asset management policy and asset management objectives, and the processes, needed to achieve those objectives. In this context, the elements of the asset management system should be viewed as a set of tools, including policies, plans, business processes and information systems, which are integrated to give assurance that the asset management activities will be delivered.

Since its release in 2014 though, there have been significant advances in not only management systems but also the asset information management. Whilst the CMMS or MIS might have always been there, new developments like the internet of things (IOT) and digital information management or building information management (BIM) have increased their profile. There is now formal recognition of the role BIM plays in Asset Management through the release of PAS 1192 series of standards; asset information management is now irrefutably part of the asset management landscape.

Recognising this, the AM Council is launching an update to the Asset Management Systems Model to formally acknowledge its contribution to the management system. The words "Asset Management Information" now appear within the orange area of the AMSM as shown below. Their location was chosen to allow asset management information to fully encapsulate all elements of the management system from decision making to performance monitoring and improvement and is linked to the asset management objectives, organisational objectives, leadership and stakeholders.


The new element Asset Management Information also creates a framework for future developments of Digital Engineering or BIM.

Over the coming months the AMBOK group will be presenting more detail on the changes to the AMSM. Keep an eye out to find out more.