network opportunity mapsEnergy Networks Australia and the University of Technology Sydney have released the latest update of the Network Opportunity Maps. These interactive investment and constraint maps identify the most valuable locations to invest in renewable energy and demand management programs.

This release is part of the continued push by network businesses to improve network efficiency and lower network prices. It highlights opportunities for the integration of clean energy into the grid and works towards common digital markets for cost-effective alternatives to building capital-intensive infrastructure, in alignment with the Network Transformation Roadmap.


Some examples of investment and deferral value opportunities:


New Generator Connection Capacity maps

In addition to updated constraint layers on the maps, there are also layers showing how much new generation capacity can be connected in different locations (see here). These layers will be regularly updated as businesses feed through new data.


Data currency and next updates

Constraint map updates are generally released twice a year. These releases include refreshed datasets for all network businesses in the National Electricity Market for the period winter 2017 to summer 2026-2027. These updates are based on the December 2017 Distributor Annual Planning Reports and the July 2018 Transmission Annual Planning Reports.

Following consultation with the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) regarding reporting requirements, Energy Networks Australia has updated its automated data processing to the new data format. From 2019, businesses will work towards production processes that allow publishing within three months of data release.

The next data update will be in the first half of 2019 for distribution businesses and in the second half of 2019 for transmission businesses.

The New Generator Connection Capacity Maps are updated by each participating business on an ad hoc basis as required.

Funding for the ongoing production of the Network Opportunity Maps is provided by members of Energy Networks Australia. For more information visit the NOM web page.


network opportunity maps