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Awards PART A – The Asset Management Excellence Awards
The following categories are available in the Asset Management Excellence Awards;

1) Asset Management Innovation Award
Projects, products or frameworks that demonstrate new techniques or innovative approaches to asset management best practice at any or all of its life cycle stages.

2) Asset Management Information Management Award
Projects demonstrating best practice techniques and originality in the use and management of asset management data in one or more of the areas of acquiring data, storage of data, representation/interpretation of data and using data for decision making.

3) Asset Management CRP Award - Cost/Risk/Performance
Projects demonstrating the balance between the elements of cost, risk and performance to obtain a valuable solution for an asset.

4) Asset Management Environmental and Social Value Award
Projects which demonstrate a solution to an identified community need which was solved through the use of asset management principles. Consideration of the impact on the people involved, environmental factors and profit or value derived to the community service or organisation.

5) Safety in Asset Management Award
Demonstrates the use of asset management principles to manage safety better.

6)The Asset Management Diversity Award.  Sponsored by WesternPower, Asset Management Business Unit

Description and assessment criteria
The Diversity category recognises and promotes the positive contribution made by organisations that demonstrate a holistic and long-term commitment to diversity within the Asset Management community. Some of the key characteristics of workforce diversity may include race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, ability, and sexual orientation.

Leadership 40%
How does your leadership team invest and build talent to create an inclusive workplace and diverse team. Outline how you are leading the way in attracting and growing a diverse talent pool. Include methods of measurement and targets in your answer.

Innovation 30%
Explain how innovative approaches has been used in achieving diversity. Highlight bold ideas, achievements, challenges and lessons learnt.
Demonstrate how innovation has been achieved through leveraging individual backgrounds, perspectives, experiences and strengths.

Diversity benefits 25%
Explain how your diverse team has positively impacted the organisation, stakeholders and contribution to the community.

Presentation of the award submission 5%


Note: More than one award in each of the above (6) categories may be awarded if the Judging Panel judge more than one of the nominees are worthy of that recognition. Judges decision is final.