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MESA Medal

The MESA Medal is awarded to an individual who has personally contributed at the highest level to the advancement of the science and/or practice of asset management. Information about the MESA Medal Award can be found hereDownload Criteria Here 

The nomination of an individual for this award may be made at any time by any person resident in Australia or by a current member of the Asset Management Council Ltd or a current member of a kindred body which has a formal documented current reciprocity agreement with the Asset Management Council Ltd. Nominations for this award are to be made in confidence to the CEO of the Asset Management Council Ltd on the prescribed form. Whilst submissions may be put forward at any time, the CEO of the Asset Management Council Ltd will call for submissions each year with a closing date for those submissions.  Download Nomination Form Here

For more information, please email info@amcouncil.com.au 


Previous Recipients

  • Anthony Christer (decd)
  • Malcolm MacDonald (decd)
  • 1998 Professor Wilhelm Geraerds, The Netherlands (decd)
  • 2000 Peter Mervyn Robinson
  • 2001 Dr Benjamin Blanchard, USA
  • 2004 Mr James Kennedy
  • 2006 Nicholas Hastings
  • 2011 Dr Penelope Burns
  • 2014 Roger Byrne
  • 2016 Melinda Hodkiewicz
  • 2017 Peter Kohler
  • 2018 John Hardwick
  • 2022 Tom Carpenter

Life Membership Award

The honour is awarded for outstanding service over an extended period to the Asset Management Council, either to a Chapter or Chapters and/or the Asset Management Council Board and/or to one of its duly appointed Committees (e.g., the Membership Development team). Life membership has no direct relation with a member’s retirement from active employment in the maintenance engineering and asset management field. Indeed the person nominated may have many more years of active work ahead.

Nomination of a candidate for Life Membership shall be the right of any Chapter of the Asset Management Council. The Nominee may be a Member of the nominating Chapter or any other Chapter of the Association.

Supporting data required for nomination includes:

    • Full name, Address, contact numbers (phone, email)
    • Date and Place of birth
    • Academic Qualifications and Distinctions
    • Civic and other honours and awards
    • Research work done,
    • Papers published or presented and Technical status

Date of

    • joining Association
    • election to Chapter Committee
    • election to office in each  Chapter and details of offices held and tenure of each appointment
    • election to Council
    • election to Office of Council, details of offices held and tenure of each appointment
    • details of present office held

The above data should be supported by details elaborating the outstanding nature of the nominee’s service in developing the Chapter, Council, the Operations Committee, the Association and/or in raising the technical status of the Chapter, Council or Association.


Previous Recipients

  • Ray Beebe
  • Penny Burns
  • Roger Byrne
  • Nick Hastings
  • James Kennedy
  • Peter Kohler
  • Mike McGrath
  • John Hardwick

AMPEAK Best Paper Award

AMPEAK best review paper is awarded annually to the best paper in the Annual Conference Proceedings of AMPEAK during the period 1 July to 30 June. If it is determined that no papers are of the required standard then the award will not be made. All authors are eligible, including non AM Council members and residents of other countries. 

Reviewers of conference papers shall nominate papers to be considered by the best paper selection subcommittee for these awards. The subcommittee, comprising the AMPEAK Technical Team Chairman, a member of the Technical Paper Reviewers Team and a member of the AMBoK team, shall individually rank the papers in order of preference. If any two members of the subcommittee regard any paper as being non-compliant, that paper shall be withdrawn from consideration. Paper selection shall be by addition of ranking positions. In the event of a tie, the Chairman of the AMPEAK Technical Team will have the casting vote.

In order to be considered for the review paper award, the paper shall advance the understanding in the area of asset management or maintenance engineering being reviewed by either reaching conclusions or offering interpretations of the work of a number of authors, or by reviewing a case history or histories. Technical papers detailing the performance of new products shall also be included in the review paper category. The papers shall not be commercial.

Leadership Award

The Asset Management Council Leadership Award focuses on the development of sound asset management practices through the recognition of leadership as an essential characteristic which assures that the assets of the business meet the needs of the enterprise and the community. Applications for individuals to be considered for the Leadership Award are invited from organisations being assessed for an Asset Management Award.

Submissions for the Steve Maxwell Leadership Award should include the following:

Part 1 Executive Summary

  • Introduction to the application.
  • Brief personal particulars of the nominated person
  • Key outcomes achieved by the nominated person.

Part 2 Background Information

  • Subject and scope of application.
  • General enterprise details including.
  • Enterprise name.
  • Enterprise contact and contact details for award purposes.
  • Biographical details of the nominated person.
  • Nature of the outstanding leadership displayed.

Part 3 Award Criteria

The contributions of the nominated person should demonstrate outstanding initiative leading to excellent achievements and/or improvements for the enterprise. For the nominated person, describe the results achieved for the enterprise, and the benefits to the enterprise of those achievements, in terms of the following improvement strategies applicable to the application:

• System and Process Improvement: The development, implementation or improvement of key systems and processes.
• Innovation: The generation and/or practical application of new ideas and technologies.
• Teamwork: The effective utilization of multi-disciplinary or functional teams to achieve a joint purpose.
• Change Management: The appropriate adoption of change management principles and practices in support of organisational change.
• Leadership: The capacity to motivate others to focus on and achieve organisational goals.

 For more information, please email info@amcouncil.com.au