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Back Issues of the Asset Management and Maintenance Journal

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FEBRUARY 2009 AMMJ download address
Volume 22;  No 1  –  FEBRUARY  2009 Issue Articles   
Maintenance Scheduling
Developing A Maintenance Strategy and Setting Performance Targets
Maintenance Strategies and ISO 17359
What Is Equipment Reliability And How Do You Get It? Part 2
PAS 55:2008 - The Standard For Integrated, Life Cycle Optimised Asset Management
Mobile Fleet Budget and Availability Forecasting Using RCM and Reliability Block Diagrams
Risk Based Maintenance Management In The Cement Industry
Core Principles of Reliability Centered Maintenance
Production Data Analysis For Asset Management Decisions
2009 Maintenance and Reliability Web Links

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Volume 21;  No 4  –  OCTOBER  2008 Issue Articles   
Best Practice Maintenance Planning    
Why Do We Need A Computerised Maintenance Management System
Total Productive Maintenance - The Pinch and Point Solution for Lean Manufacturing    
2008 Listing Of Special Maintenance Applications Software
Work Priority – The Relative Ranking of Importance    
What Is Equipment Reliability And How Do You Get It?        
A World Class Approach To Asset Management – Part 2 & 3
Inventory Control Strategy Study For Airlines

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Volume 21;  No 3  –  JULY  2008 Issue Articles   
Standard Operating Procedures for MRO Storerooms  Lean and Reliable Practices
Performance Benchmarking Update Expectations and Reality
How Management Can Help Workers Increase Projects Wrench-time
A World Class Approach to Asset Management Part 1
2008 Listing of Condition Monitoring Suppliers
Management: Unsung Heroes. Can Maintenance Change The World?
The Elusive Weekly Maintenance Schedule
The Evolution of Maintenance
Downtime More Important Than Uptime

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Volume 21;  No 2  –  APRIL  2008 Issue Articles  
The Holy Grail of Maintenance Planning: Integration With Operations
Are You Getting Enough From Your Condition Monitoring Program
A Journey To Predictive Maintenance
Reliability Engineering  
See The Smallness In Enterprise Asset Management
Effective Rotable Plant Management In A Lean Maintenance Culture
Analysis Of Work Order History:  Opportunities For Improvements
2008 Listing of CMMS/EAMs  

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Volume 21;  No 1 –  JANUARY  2008 Issue Articles   
Utilising Benchmark Metrics to Build and Manage a        
Strategy for Maintenance Improvements
Tinker Air Force Base Lubrication/Oil Analysis Program        
Battling The Skills Shortage                        
Asset Management 101 Fundamentals – Level of Service        
Measuring Shock Pulse at a Paper Mill – A Case Study             
TPM Implementation – The P5 Critical Success Factors        
For Sustaining Improvement - A Case Study
A FMECA of a Cement Plant      Rotary Kiln Drive System       
Vibration Based Monitoring    And Analysis
Web Links for Maintenance  And Reliability

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Volume 20;  No 4 –  OCTOBER 2007 Issue Articles   
Maintenance Crisis Progress Report                       
The Rise and Rise of Tier 1 ERP Maintenance Systems        
Delivering Maintenance Through People At Royal Mail Engineering (RME)
Parts Management Agreement Worth Its Weight In Gold        
Beyond Enterprise Asset Management (EAM):   Asset Performance Management
2007 Listing of Special Maintenance Applications Software    
The Ups & Downs of Reliability & CMMS Implementation
Front-line Root Cause Analysis:   Information & Insight From Those Closest To The Work
When Inventory Optimization Doesn’t Optimize
Mill Scanners - Wear Monitoring Tools
Predicting Hoist Failure

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Volume 20;  No 3  –  JULY  2007 Issue Articles  
 Developing Asset Strategies & A Zero Based Budget For An Iron Ore Crushing Plant
 Implementing PDA Inspection Rounds With Basic Asset Care at Barrick Goldstrike Mine
 Can Operations Manage Maintenance?
 Effective Management Of Contract Maintenance
 Suppliers Of Condition Monitoring  Equipment & Services        
 Putting The Total Jigsaw Together: PAS 55 Standards For Integrated Optimized Management Of Assets
 What Else Can I Inspect?             
 Incorporating RCM Principals In Front End Engineering and Design Capital Projects
 Airbus A380 Maintenance Concept Development For Current Airlines System