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Instructions for On-Line Examination
1.    Login on the www.amcouncil.com.au. If you have forgotten your username/Password, please Click Here.
2.    Once logged in, click on My Event on the left menu.

exam Event

3.    If you were a participant of a recent Asset Management Fundamentals course , a Course Exam will be listed.
a.    Access to the course exam for participants will start from 4 pm on the day of the course.
b.    Access to the exam will be ended two weeks after the course.
4.    Click on "View".


5.    You will need to accept the agreement regarding exam material confidentiality before you are able to start the exam.


6.    Once the agreement is accepted, the exam will be available. You will need to answer 25 questions that have been selected from the question bank.


7.    You may save your exam and come back to it later before the exam finish (two weeks from the end of the course).


8.    Once you have completed the exam to your satisfaction, click the submit button. Your exam result will be available.


9.    If you failed the first attempt, you have one chance to re-sit the exam within the two-week time frame.



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Asset Management Body of Knowledge

AMBoK is the technical base of the Asset Management Council. It is a collection of models, definitions and associated content that describes the profession of asset management.

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