The Asset Management Body of Knowledge (AMBoK) is a significant technical aspect of the Asset Management Council. A Body of Knowledge represents the sum of core information in an area of expertise. For the Asset Management Council, AMBoK is a collection of models, definitions and associated content that describes the profession of asset management. While it is important that AMBoK is documented, it is also important that it can be communicated and applied to advance the understanding of asset management within the community.

The AMBoK Team are charged with making AMBoK accessible to, and useable by, members of the Asset Management Council and the broader asset management community. Members of the AMBoK Team are actively involved in the development and continual improvement of content including training courses, competencies, conferences and publications.

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AMBoK Publication 000: Framework for Asset Management, Second Edition

FrameworkCoverThis publication provides an intellectual framework and context through which information about asset management can be developed and universally understood. It discusses key asset management elements including demand management, systems engineering, configuration management, acquisition, operations and maintenance, continuous improvement, business management, and culture and leadership.

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AMBoK Publication 001: Companion Guide to ISO 55001

CompanionGuide CoverThis document is published by the Asset Management Council to assist asset management practitioners in understanding the implementation of ISO 55000 and specifically ISO 55001. The document is designed to provide clarity on the scope of the ISO 5500X Suite of Standards; assist with the interpretation of requirements of the standards; provide guidance to organisations on typical criteria evidence to meet the requirements of ISO 55000 and 55001; and act as a record of the current status of requirements for the purpose of collecting broader stakeholder input.

Companion Guide to ISO 55001 is available in both print copy and PDF form. Click here to purchase.