Announcing new 2014 issues of

AMBoK ‘The Framework for Asset Management’ (Second Edition)


AMBoK ‘Companion Guide to IS0 55001’ (Edition 1.1)

The new AMBoK ‘Framework for Asset Management’ 2014 publication has now been released; updated with improved coverage on continuous improvement and standards, this new, explanatory and informative publication provides the Asset Management Community with a concise picture of the principles, concepts and processes of asset management. This comprehensive edition explains and emphasises key roles of stakeholders; leadership and culture, key concepts and asset management maturity and unequivocally demonstrates the remarkable and consistent growth and global wealth of knowledge the Asset Management Council and its members have acquired.

In addition to this vital publication, the ‘Companion Guide to ISO 55001’ (Edition 1.1) is also available; released in June 2014 this, ‘must have how to guide,’ delivers an instructive approach when implementing ISO 55001. It is effectively used in conjunction with the Standard ISO 55001 Asset Management – Management Systems – Requirement. The ‘Companion Guide’ is an essential document for every asset management professional.

Created by members of the AMBoK Team, who are also key members of the Asset Management Council; these valuable publications are only a small part of the reason why Australia is globally acknowledged as being on the forefront of Asset Management understanding and experience.

One of the key strategic objectives of the Asset Management Council, over the past decade, has been the tenacious pursuit of knowledge in order to gain a deeper understanding of Asset Management; to test and expand the knowledge frontier, both nationally and internationally and create value for the community and business. This will continue to be done through national and international relationships, to allow for development of ideas, to gain implementation effectiveness and enrich the body of knowledge to benefit members and stakeholders alike.

A Very Public Thank You to our Professional Volunteers!
The Asset Management Council wishes to publicly thank all of its tireless and extremely generous Professional Volunteers who come from a diverse range of industry and organisations; individuals, from thirteen Chapters operating throughout Australia, who contribute to the creation of intellectual thinking, the formulation of content for numerous publications, technical papers and industry certification. Individuals who have been significantly instrumental in shaping the Asset Management profession on both the local and international arenas; thank you!

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