The Worldwide Partnership in Asset Management Certification

A Joint Venture for

Certification in ISO 55001 for Asset Management Assessors


‘…Since 1991 we have engaged with industry leaders and world class researchers to identify significant challenges and innovative solutions…Now we can provide an even greater level of professionalism and customer service…’
Dave Daines - ISO Representative for CRC Mining

A worldwide partnership was recently formed, between four national, not-for-profit organisations, to provide industry certification for Asset Management Assessors. The certification will assure the quality of assessors, and confirm their knowledge and comprehension in asset management systems.

Stakeholders responsible for this ground-breaking initiative include ABRAMAN-Brazilian Maintenance Association, a private, scientific society with 2700 professional and organisational members; the USA Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals Certifying Organisation (SMRPCO), formed by practitioners to advance reliability and create leaders in the field; the Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada (PEMAC), a national association providing global leadership, education and certification in world class maintenance, reliability and physical asset management practices, and in Australia, the Asset Management Council; committed to promotion of best asset management practices in industrial, commercial, academic and government organisations.

Certification will include an exam and cover individual subjects in the GFMAM Landscape to ensure that assessors have a comprehensive knowledge of asset management; effective methods of ISO 55001 implementation and how assets will continue to be managed. The Asset Management Council believes this is the first initiative where stakeholders require assurance around the domain knowledge of auditors and assessors, as well as being the first initiative created through a partnership between international peak bodies.

Case example - attributable results from effective asset management. A major industry leader was experiencing an erratic share price and a bleak future. The company, intent on improving reliability of the business, made the unexpected move of doubling the size of the maintenance task force during official shut downs. Contrary to previous beliefs and practices, overall plant reliability significantly increased as was the company’s reliability, resulting in a substantially improved share price – all due to effective Asset Management practices.

Asset management certification will allow for this type of continuity across numerous asset types and in turn increase safety, profitability, customer service and market-share for participants globally.

‘We have pursued and reached the next phase on the Knowledge Highway and brought Asset Management well and truly into the 21st Century...’
JR Lafraia - President - ABRAMAN Brazilian Society for Maintenance and Asset Management

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