Recognised in Australia, USA, Canada and Brazil & ISO 55001, ISO 17021-5, ISO 19011 Compliant

Certification for ISO 55001 assessors is to be released this October!

Certification will benefit all participants of the program. From major organisations and companies confirming a credentialed workforce, to owner operators managing their own assets and implementing improvements to increase returns and productivity; through to individuals with experience and those aiming to advance their careers in Asset Management. It’s a winning combination: development of people and capabilities, gaining compliance, adding value to an asset and strengthening stakeholder relationships.

Certified Asset Management Assessors (CAMA) will now be recognised throughout Australia, USA, Canada, and Brazil. Certification complies with ISO 55001 Asset Management standards in core requirements and knowledge; ISO 17021-5 (Conformity assessment -- Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems -- Part 5: Competence requirements for auditing and certification of asset management systems); and ISO 19011 (Guidelines for auditing management systems).

The worldwide joint venture between ABRAMAN, SMRP, PEMAC and the Asset Management Council, has delivered the first certification for asset management assessors.

Certification will ensure the quality of assessors and the quality of ISO 55001 methods, and confirm competency in knowledge and comprehension in asset management systems.
Designed for asset management professionals with at least five years’ experience to further their knowledge and advance their careers, this certification has been developed under strict controls and involved leaders from a range of key industries, where effective asset management is paramount. Tested for content validity and appropriateness the Certification has also undergone stringent Beta testing and will now be released in October 2014.

‘…Certification will take asset management to the next level of industry professionalism…’
John Hardwick CFAM - Asset Management Committee - Energy Networks Association

For more information visit the Asset Management Council website's Joint Venture page, or send us an email.