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Julian Watts

Data in Asset ManagementChair Associate Director

DiAM 600 acrossThe Data Special Interest Group has developed an Asset Data Management System Model for discussion by the AM Council membership. Take a look at the details here.

Feedback Sought on the Asset Data Management System Model White Paper
Julian Watts is the AMCouncil National Lead for the Data Asset Special Interest Group (DiAM SIG) and would like to receive feedback on the white paper via email and is interested in finding out your response to the following questions:

  • Is it missing anything?
  • Does the language resonate?
  • Did it result in expanding your understanding of asset data management?

To provide any feedback you might have on the proposal please click here
Call for Capability Leads
Are you interested in leading development of guidance content for a capability area referenced in the Asset Data Management System Model White Paper
Are you interested in supporting or reviewing development?

If so please click here and provide details of your interest
Not Sure and Want to Find out More?
Come along to the Data SIG Collaboration Hub to be held at AMPEAK19, Fremantle on Tuesday 9th April 11am till 12:30pm. 
If you are unable to attend but would like to be kept informed please email

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