Sydney HarbourBridges are more than a just a crossing over a body of water. Some of them are a work of art, a perfect juxtaposition of engineering and a creative flair.

But bridges can also be a perfect metaphor for resilience. Think of the tenacity behind crafting a striking design, or the underpinning strength required in pylons to support the overall structure. Think of the countless trips a bridge carries as people move from one community to another. Bridges help us to get over barriers in our journeys.

Recently, the Deputy Prime Minister, Michael McCormack, announced a $290 million injection of funds into the Bridge Renewal Project (BRP). The BRP demonstrates the importance the government places on upgrading key infrastructure projects. The funds will go towards the upgrade and replacement of aging bridges, improving the efficiency of nationwide routes and ensuring an increase in heavy vehicle safety and productivity.

Around fifty percent of funds will go to regions affected by the recent devastating bushfires, allowing councils the ability to fast-track highest priority infrastructure renewals, while also supporting local jobs. At this time in Australia, we need, more than ever, resilience in our infrastructure as we face the future. It is this core element that will strengthen us as we forge our way back from the pandemic while simultaneously battling the unknowns caused by climate change.

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