Government Community of Practice


This forum was created in order for AM professionals in government bodies to convene, share, and grow their asset management skills and knowledge. It acts as a single meeting place for government professionals in asset management, bringing together and establishing connections that may have otherwise not been available.

Goals of the CoP

  • Bring together a group of like-minded professionals in government asset management
  • Share knowledge, experiences, and case studies in order to learn
  • Create strategies for implementing and improving current challenges in asset management in government departments
  • Help government bodies develop and enhance their asset management practice starting from the planning phase through to the retirement phase

Key meeting places of the CoP

The Sydney, Peth, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Hobart chapters will each hold government CoP events annually. To enquire about these events, please email the respective chapter chair.
For those who subscribe, a monthly newsletter will be emailed, containing all government-sector news in the asset management sphere.


Only a short two-minute walk from Asset Management Council’s office lays the Oakleigh Railway Station, the latest station to get the go-ahead from the Victorian government for an upgrade.

Asset management is everywhere, but it’s exciting to see it so close to home.

The Minister for Transport Infrastructure, Jacinta Allen, announced the works which will reinvigorate the station and its outlying areas, all while trains are kept running. A new underpass with redesigned ramps on both sides and direct access to city-bound trains feature in the $26 million project1. Also planned are two lifts, better lighting and security cameras, and new shelters to provide protection from the weather. 

Currently, pedestrian access to the station is by a shallow and aged underpass. It is the only crossing between the north and south sides of the station with commuters accessing a central island for city-bound services. The area is often congested, with three designated pick-up and drop-off zones, all close to the action of the hub of the mall and other retail attractions.

Works have already commenced at the station, with its completion expected late-2020. The upgrade is welcome news, highlighting the government’s understanding of asset management objectives and safety management for the people of Victoria and its visitors.  

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