Government Community of Practice


This forum was created in order for AM professionals in government bodies to convene, share, and grow their asset management skills and knowledge. It acts as a single meeting place for government professionals in asset management, bringing together and establishing connections that may have otherwise not been available.

Goals of the CoP

  • Bring together a group of like-minded professionals in government asset management
  • Share knowledge, experiences, and case studies in order to learn
  • Create strategies for implementing and improving current challenges in asset management in government departments
  • Help government bodies develop and enhance their asset management practice starting from the planning phase through to the retirement phase

Key meeting places of the CoP

The Sydney, Peth, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Hobart chapters will each hold government CoP events annually. To enquire about these events, please email the respective chapter chair.
For those who subscribe, a monthly newsletter will be emailed, containing all government-sector news in the asset management sphere.

NSW AM Policy

Fantastic news from NSW as Treasury publishes the NSW Government asset management policy, adopted by the NSW public sector on 31st October. 

The Asset Management Council, led by our director Toby Horstead, has been working closely with Infrastructure NSW and the NSW Government AM Community of Practice to prepare agencies for the release of the policy.

Toby is particularly pleased for the release having worked with Treasury and Infrastructure NSW over the last three years on the content of the policy in his previous roles with NSW government.

The AM policy will require NSW government agencies to align to asset management principles (including ISO 55001), have an asset management framework in place, attest to compliance with the core requirements of the policy, and undertake a periodic assessment of their asset management maturity.  The policy outlines a consistent approach to asset management and reflects the government’s objective to improve asset management through strengthening accountability, performance and capability across the NSW public sector.

The AM Council applauds and supports the release and implementation of the NSW Government AM Policy, and looks forward to supporting our members in their journey to compliance.

To download a copy of the Asset Management Policy for the NSW Public Sector published by the NSW Treasury, visit here.