The state of Queensland’s COVID-19 recovery plan was highlighted in August at the Committee for Economic Development of Australia in a speech by the premier, the Honourable Annastacia Palaszczuk.

With a particular focus on uniting Queenslanders in order to build and recover, Ms Palaszczuk spoke of the $51 billion investment into infrastructure to drive the recovery phase. Delivered across a four-year period, the infrastructure guarantee provides a path for industry to confidently invest as well as a means to create sustainable jobs. In this current financial year, this guarantee translates to almost $14 billion investment, directly supporting 44,000 jobs1

The Queensland government is already supporting infrastructure by building better connections between linked communities. Regular readers may be aware that the Asset Management Council has highlighted the upgrading to Bruce Highway, the critical asset that connects locals with regional centres, freight transport with ports and markets, and tourists with pristine destinations. In addition, the transport sector in Queensland is burrowing ahead with the Cross River Rail project, a ten kilometre rail line that includes twin 5.9km tunnels under the Brisbane River. The Cross River Rail project will generate 450 new apprenticeships and traineeships, as well as up to 3000 jobs2

Although Infrastructure assets are for the community and used by the community they also play a critical role in strengthening business confidence, attracting investment, creating new jobs whilst supporting those in existing employment. 

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