Maintenance & Reliability in Asset Management


Shane Scriven

Shane Scriven Shane has over 10 years’ experience as a reliability engineer and asset management practitioner. Shane started his reliability career working for SKF travelling Australia conducting vibration analysis, lubrication analysis, laser alignment, root cause analysis and bearing fitment and removal. Throughout his career he has gained experience in asset management activities across a variety of industries and specialises in the development and implementation of risk based reliability strategies. Shane is looking forward to building on the great work of the MRiAM Special Interest Group to date and is keen to engage with the broader asset management community to both promote the MRiAM Special Interest Group and to provide valuable learning opportunities.

The purpose of the Maintenance Framework is to develop and promote a common understanding of the role and value of maintenance, and how it contributes to the delivery of business outcomes. Going into more detail than, and beyond the subject of Maintenance Delivery from the Asset Management Landscape, the Maintenance Framework provides information on:

  • The discipline of maintenance and its management, including its role in asset management at all stages of asset life;
  • Maintenance principles, subjects, and terminology; and
  • Relevant international standards.

The Maintenance Framework also establishes the foundation for competencies in maintenance and its management, and the ability to benchmark maintenance practices.

This second edition, which expands in detail and clarity in several areas, represents the Global Forum’s commitment to continuous improvement for its members and the global maintenance and asset management community.  You can download the document from here: 

Thank you again to the following Asset Management Council members and volunteers who took the time to assist in the maintenance framework review and contributed to the outcome of this second edition. 

  • James Carroll
  • Shane Day
  • Aleu Dekuek
  • Karthik Ganesan
  • Dan Kelleher
  • Peter Kohler
  • Stefan Oosthuizen
  • Samar Patel
  • Nicholas Phillips
  • Sean Reeves
  • Peter Robinson
  • Daniel Song
  • Rachel Scott
  • Raymond Tan
  • Tristan Velnoweth
  • Andrew Wheatley
  • Greg Williams
  • Myriam Wright


29 March 2022
1pm AEDT
Webinar – What is Reliability? The Basics