Maintenance & Reliability in Asset Management


Shane Scriven

Shane Scriven Shane has over 10 years’ experience as a reliability engineer and asset management practitioner. Shane started his reliability career working for SKF travelling Australia conducting vibration analysis, lubrication analysis, laser alignment, root cause analysis and bearing fitment and removal. Throughout his career he has gained experience in asset management activities across a variety of industries and specialises in the development and implementation of risk based reliability strategies. Shane is looking forward to building on the great work of the MRiAM Special Interest Group to date and is keen to engage with the broader asset management community to both promote the MRiAM Special Interest Group and to provide valuable learning opportunities.

On the 23rd May 2021, news broke around the world regarding a tragic cable car incident in Italy. The funicular line transports people from the nearby resort town of Stresa, in the northern region of Piedmont, to the popular Mottarone mountain. Fourteen people on board were killed when the car snapped off the cable, plummeting twenty metres to the ground1.

The cause of the accident was initially unknown, however, investigations since reveal the emergency brakes had been disabled. It is alleged that a fork-like bracket had been placed over the brake to prevent continuous disruptions to the cable car as it kept pausing while in motion. It is believed that the tragedy could have been avoided had the emergency brake been in operation2.

Maintenance of assets is critical to any organisation. There is no room in asset-intensive businesses for costly downtime or poor practices that result in loss of production or, in this case, loss of multiple lives.

The ability of an organisation to monitor asset performance relies on:

  • regular servicing and other maintenance tasks
  • replacement of faulty parts
  • deep asset knowledge
  • safety audits and risk assessments
  • documentation

And, importantly, effective maintenance within the organisation ought to include a whole-of-business understanding and support of these crucial elements. Asset management procedures must cascade from the leadership to all levels of the business, to each staff member.

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29 March 2022
1pm AEDT
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