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Wendy McPate FIEAust CPEng EngExec RPEQ BEng (Elec)

Wendy McPate has 20 years' experience across multiple sectors in both Australia and the United Kingdom; commencing her career in mining, resource, sugar, petrochemical and transitioning to the utility and energy sectors. She has a proven history of success in delivering outcomes and improvements in Asset Management, Project and technical Risk Management, engineering and maintenance. Her experience working as both a client and a consultant enables her to understand their respective influences and commercial drivers.

Wendy is currently the Asset Management Manager at Origin Energy for the Power Generation Business Unit which covers Gas, Coal and Hydro Generation assets geographically dispersed across Australia.

Wendy has the Engineers Australia credentials of Professional Engineer Fellow, Engineering Executive, Chartered Engineer, Registered Engineer of Queensland and is on the National Engineering Register. Wendy has a Bachelor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, an Associate Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Distinction) and a Graduate Certificate in Asset Management.

Big Battery

The energy sector is undergoing incredible changes. Over the past few years, there has been a shift to move away from coal-fired energy generation, in light of the growing concern with greenhouse gas emissions and its effect on the climate. With the closure of coal-fired energy plants, and new renewable energy sources popping up around the landscape, energy companies are finding a need to repurpose aging assets.

AGL is the owner and operator of the Liddell coal power station in the NSW Hunter Valley. Plans to shut the coal-fired plant in the summer of 2022/2023 are already underway, leaving the enterprise with an aging plant facility. Plans to repurpose the building and install a 500MW1 battery system prove the technology is evolving to a level where battery storage is critical to enhance the energy market’s capability to provide reliable renewable energy options. 

The repurposing of the power plant highlights AGL’s plan to install 1200MW of batteries by 2024. Planning reports are being prepared for additional battery storage facilities in Adelaide and Queensland, with the latter to match in size Elon Musk’s South Australian facility.

If you’re working in the energy sector, get in touch with us at communications@amcouncil.com.au to share your asset management success. Perhaps you’re working in the renewable energy sector, or at a traditional coal-fired plant and are planning to repurpose assets. Let us know and we can highlight your journey towards success. 

1 Sourced: https://www.agl.com.au/about-agl/media-centre/asx-and-media-releases/2020/august/agl-gets-on-with-the-business-of-transition-with-integrated-battery-system-plan

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