Sustainability & Resilience SIG

The Sustainability and Resilience in Asset Management (SRiAM) Special Interest Group’s purpose is to clarify, promote and integrate sustainability and resilience as essential considerations in the context of Asset Management.

The SRiAM aims to bring together professionals to share knowledge, industry best practices, experience and case studies to support learning and sharing knowledge amongst AMC members. Our ambition is  to develop practical solutions, frameworks and tools to support  asset management practices and industries across  Australia and New Zealand to enhance resilience to climate change and strive to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.


  • Promote the role of Asset Management as a key enabler for a sustainable future.
  • Provide a platform to connect like-minded professionals and exchange knowledge, insights and foresights of current and future trends emerging through Sustainability and Resilience Industry Best practices in Asset Management.
  • Influence industries and drive multi stakeholder cooperation and business engagement to ultimately accelerate the transition towards a sustainable and resilient planet.
  • Develop and provide Members with tools to assess, evaluate and develop sustainable and resilient interventions and investments through managed risk.
  • Develop a forum and knowledge library accessible to members, industry sectors and academia to share and disseminate asset-related information, knowledge and case studies
  • Engage and collaborate with AMC members through planned, structured and themed events and networking opportunities to inspir and influence all sectors to transition towards and systematically implement asset management models and practices focused on delivering enhanced sustainable and resilient outcomes.

About us - Committee Members Roles 

Our committee members represent a diverse cross-section of organisations and roles in the asset management world  as asset owners, asset custodians, asset managers, consultants and, investors.  We share a unified  passion and interest in sustainability, climate change and resilience.  We believe the SRiAM will meaningfully contribute to the wider profession, communities and our planet by ensuring a "total value" approach which embraces climate change risks to ensure a resilient and sustainable future.

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Chair: Klaus Herrmann 


Committee Member : Caroline Elms 


Committee Member : Mary Irwin-Davies 


Committee Member : Ankur Maheshwari 


Committee Secretariat : Hanane Fares 


The Asset Management Council  recognises the importance of international standards to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) today, on World Standards Day. A ‘Shared vision for a better world’.

Join our Sustainability & Resilience in Asset Management group in their upcoming webinar to discuss climate change, the physical science basis, and latest projections for Australia. Register to be sent your link here.

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Upcoming SRiAM Events

Webinar 27 October 2021 | 1pm AEDT

Climate change, the physical science basis, and latest projections for Australia (Prof Ben Smith)

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Webinar 20 October 2021 | 6pm AEDT

Managing Resilience in the Private and Public Sectors (Richard Fullalove and Greg Johnson)

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