Bruce Highway

The Bruce Highway is the gateway to northern Queensland, so you don’t need to live in the state to have experienced sitting in heavy traffic, stuck on your way to the family holiday of your dreams. The widening of the Bruce Highway is both long overdue and welcomed by Australians and tourists.

Bruce Highway is a major highway in Brisbane, connecting the capital city with Cairns in Far North Queensland. Thousands of tourists, residents and commuters travel along the black ribbon each day, making their way to places such as Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville, passing through lands filled with sugar cane on the way to Australia’s sought-after sunny, tropical regions.

The upgrade is undertaken in stages. Stage 3: Edmonton to Gordonvale will commence early 2020. Duplication of a 10.5km section of the road will bring a much-needed four-lane highway between the two towns. The upgrade is part of a 15 year plan, with joint funding through both the Australian and Queensland governments1.

Ms Romily Madew, Chief of Infrastructure Australia says, ‘…the addition of the Bruce Highway duplication between Edmonton to Gordonvale…identifies…nationally significant projects for Queensland, which are critical to improving both productivity and quality of life.2'

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