Construction is at flying pace at Brisbane Airport, with a new milestone reached earlier in December: the completion of the concrete taxiways for the new runway.

For an infrastructure project of this size, planning and preparation is critical. Site preparation on the Brisbane River delta began more than five years ago, with land clearing, and consolidating the soil with sand, a crucial element as the soggy site had the consistency of toothpaste1

Once this initial preparation had taken place, the site was left to settle for three years.

Concreting work started in 2018 and in that timeframe enough concrete to fill seventy Olympic-sized swimming pools2 was used to ready the taxiway pavements and edge of the runways. 

Brisbane Airport is the gateway to tourism in the state of Queensland and the completion of the second runway is expected to double the flights to and from the airport, particularly with 24 hour flight capabilities. It’s all looking good for take-off and landing in mid-2020.

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