In another instalment of Planes, Trains and Other Moving Assets, we’re taking a closer look at some of Melbourne’s level crossing removal projects.

Australia is experiencing unprecendented population growth, particularly on the eastern seaboard. With this growth in our cities and rural areas, there is an need to develop our infrastructure: roads, transport, services. Certainly this is the case here in Melbourne, with level crossings at major intersections coming down before our very eyes. The completion of the Caulfield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal (CTD) project in 2018 saw the removal of nine dangerous and frustrating level crossings with replacement skyrail. The shifting upwards of the rail lines has created open spaces and community hubs, as well as increased the flow of traffic and decreased the time and frustration in commuters along the major arterial routes.

Due to the skyrail’s overwhelming success, particularly in light of the community’s original disregard for for it, Melburnians are seeing more and more level crossings removed. To name but a few: Toorak Road on the Glen Waverley line; Bell Street, Murray Road and Oakover Road on the Preston line;  Evans Road on the Cranbourne line.

This is good news for asset management in Victoria. It shows the strengthening of our infrastructure, in line with our needs for the future, as well as ensuring that our trains run smoothly, getting them off the major roads and intersections, keeping the traffic flowing. Toot, toot!

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