Women in Asset Management (WiAM)


Lucie Mitchell

pic 1Last week, our Women in Asset Management special interest group hosted the Sydney Chapter Asset Management Council webinar - Lidija Dumbaloska, Professional Head, Electrical Engineering, Engineering & System Integrity, Sydney Trains joined with Alan Skofic, Principal Engineer, Substations, Sydney Trains provided the virtual audience with a comprehensive deep dive in to Electrical Initiatives and strategies that have commenced and are implemented on a rail network.

The technical presentation covered a range of initiatives and projects to achieve network resilience and whole of life cost efficiency. The event was well received and followed with an insightful Q&A by the audience. Thank you to Lidija and Alan for their time, in particular sharing their expertise and knowledge with the asset management community.

The Women in Asset Management (WiAM) special interest group of the AMCouncil is a group of passionate asset managers - both men and women - who are keen to show the benefits of asset management in providing diversity in the workplace. To keep up to date with what's happening in the SIG, visit https://www.amcouncil.com.au/membership/special-interest-group/women-in-asset-management.html and if you are keen to contribute to the SIG in a more hands-on approach, please reach out to the national chair of WiAM, Lucie Mitchell, via email: Lucie.Mitchell@amcouncil.com.au

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