Women in Asset Management (WiAM)


Lucie Mitchell

The AMCouncil’s Women in Asset Management (WiAM) special interest group (SIG) welcomes Ella Hingston into the WiAM organising committee. Ella joins fellow WiAM committee members: Lucie Mitchell (WiAM Chair), Dr Carla Boehl, Nicola Daaboul, Dr Monique Beedles, Mae-Ryn Chong, Di Scheepers, Wendy McPate, Lidia Pajmakoska, Ellie Kallianis and Helen Carroll, who are working hard behind the scenes on their program for the remainder of 2021.

Ella is an infrastructure asset management engineer in Cardno’s national Asset Strategies team. In her role, she works across the water supply and sewerage, stormwater, buildings and transport sectors to maximise the value provided by infrastructure assets to governments and the communities they serve. Ella has assisted in delivering a wide range of asset management projects for local, state and federal government clients throughout Australia, with roles ranging from asset data capture and analysis, to asset management plan preparation, and to the development and review of expenditure forecasts and the decision-making processes and artefacts underlying these. Ella is also actively involved in several committees, including her current role as Secretary of the Asset Management Council Brisbane Chapter Committee.

For anyone interested in the WiAM group, please visit their dedicated SIG page (https://www.amcouncil.com.au/membership/special-interest-group/women-in-asset-management.html), and for members, make sure you update your SIG preferences in their AMCouncil profile (https://www.amcouncil.com.au/user_sig.aspx), or if looking for a more hands on involvement, drop a line to the national chair, Lucie.Mitchell@amcouncil.com.au

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