Women in Asset Management (WiAM)


Lucie Mitchell

Gender BalanceWhat do businesses need to do to balance their workplace gender gap? Diversity in the workplace – especially gender diversity - is a hot topic and something all organisations should be looking at, if they aren’t already.

Felicia Tristanto is a passionate asset manager who wants to see a gender balance in organisations that manage assets. She is also keen to encourage STEM in the school system and breakdown any barriers that prevent girls taking up the STEM subjects. Based in Western Australia, Felicia manages to balance family and work as she travels all over the world with her career.

Earlier in July this year, Felicia was pondering the workplace gender gap issue and quickly rounded up Peter Dunford, President of Vesta Partners, and Belinda Vassillo, Senior Director with GE Digital, to create an AMCouncil webinar that discussed ideas and solutions to balance the workplace gender gap.

To hear more about the story so far of WiAM, read on to access the article in the latest Asset Journal here and find out how you can become a part of this important movement.

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