Women in Asset Management (WiAM)


Lucie Mitchell

Launch SMWe were excited to officially launch the 2018 Women in Transport Asset Management Mentoring Program yesterday. It is one of the outcomes of a strategic partnership between the Asset Management Council and Transport for Victoria.

Transport for Victoria have a vision to increase the number of women working within the transport industry as well as to better retain those already in. The Asset Management Council happen to have similar objectives in the asset management space in that we're dedicated to encouraging diversity, especially within the workplace, and this is particularly encouraged within our special interest group, Women in Asset Management (WiAM).

While in a sicussion with Transport for Victoria, the AMCouncil realised that we could come up with a solution together that fit both of our objectives. Transport for Victoria had a number of interested mentees ready and willing to learn while the Asset Management Council had the ability to draw on the extensive experience of our wide variety of members that could provide support and guidance to women within the Victorian transport industry.

Hence, the Women in Transport Asset Management Mentoring Program! A great outcome for both organisations to support our goal.

We are pleased to say we had an amazing response to people wanting to participate in this pilot program, including such a diverse pool of mentors with many different areas of expertise and skills. With a goal of matching ten mentees with suitable mentors, we had close to 50 mentors apply for consideration, and we ended up matching not ten, but twelve particularly suited pairs for this pilot program, all personally tailored in order to make sure they both get the best out of each other.

If you were one of the unfortunate ones who did not receive a place in this particular program, we would love to do more of this in the future and will be sure to contact you if and when the next program takes place. Good luck to all our mentees and mentors on their journey over the next six months. We cannot wait to hear how you go!

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