Townsville Ring Road – Infrastructure Australia

Townsville Ring Road

Infrastructure Australia has released its evaluation of the Townsville Ring Road Stage 5 project, with findings stating that completing the Ring Road should be retained as part of a Program Initiative on the Priority List.

The Townsville Ring Road is situated on the Bruce Highway, Queensland's primary north–south corridor, which includes a thirty-six kilometre section of highway passing through Townsville. Road capacity and safety on the Bruce Highway is part of the advisory body’s nationally significant program initiative, but an updated business case ought to be completed before the combined proposal could be added to the list of projects.

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Connected Assets, Transforming Communities

datadConnected assets are not new. Already, we have connected assets: in our schools, hospitals, businesses, media and politics. Laptops, smart phones, tablets and other IoT devices mean that more than ever, we can connect with people all around the world. But what if we could use our digital know-how and transform our communities to become connected environments and eco-systems1?

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A departmental experience of asset management through a global pandemic

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An interview with Deanne Leaver, Director Asset Strategy, Victorian Health and Human Services Building Authority (VHHSBA), by Linda Kemp, Communications Specialist, Asset Management Council.

During shutdown, I have been intrigued to learn how businesses are managing through this crisis. One area that kept my focus was our health sector. Obviously. Those at the frontline, working with little regard to their own health captured the attention of us all. But I was also interested in the physical assets: the buildings, the respirators, the number of ICU beds, and how government departments are adapting in this time of crisis. And to answer these questions, I contacted Deanne Leaver, from VHHSBA, and architect of the famed Babushka Dolls analogy, to see if she could squeeze in a brief chat with me to share the department’s progress through the coronavirus shutdown. 

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