New MRiAM National Chair

Shane Scriven 1The AMCouncil is delighted to announce that Shane Scriven has been elected as the Maintenance & Reliability in Asset Management (MRiAM) special interest group (SIG) Chair. The AMCouncil would like to extend its sincere thanks to Felicia Tristanto, outgoing MRiAM National Chair, for her time and efforts in establishing this SIG, and her timeless contribution to developing it over the last couple of years.

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Reliability Improvement in the Rail Sector

TrainsOn Wednesday, 26 August 2020, the Brisbane Chapter hosted a webinar on reliability improvement, with over 140 attendees dialling in across Australia and internationally. The webinar saw Frank Gabriel, Principal Consultant at Railconfidence, present on a real-life reliability improvement program undertaken for a major Australian rail operator. In a point of difference from traditional presentations stemming from the rail sector, the focus of Frank’s presentation was on the mobile equipment used to maintain rail infrastructure, rather than the rail infrastructure itself.

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Infrastructure Assets and the CSIRO Report on Climate and Disaster Resilience

InfrastructureandCSIROMany readers will remember the devastation caused by bushfires during Australia’s last summer. Our hearts broke at the loss of life, the destruction of our flora and fauna, and the ravaged townships. In response to this most recent disaster, as well as the floods at the same time in Northern Queensland, the Prime Minister directed the CSIRO to undertake an independent report into the ways in which governments and the community can work together to increase disaster and climate resilience.

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Roads across the Tasman


It is easy to take our roads for granted. Most of us jump into our cars and head to our destination with nary a thought to the state of the road. Sometimes on long journeys, we might become impatient when held up by roadworks, or we may have a grumble if the car lurches over a pothole. For the majority of the community, that’s our limit to an understanding of road maintenance.

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