Victoria’s Digital Asset Policy

The Office of Projects Victoria (OPV) has released Victoria’s Digital Asset Policy. The policy seeks to increase the productivity of infrastructure projects delivered by Victorian Government Departments and Agencies by uplifting their digital asset capability. It enables an integrated approach to organisational capability, project delivery and information management across the Department of Treasury and Finance's Investment Lifecycle. It provides requirements for digital asset information management to support the planning, design, construction and operation of Victorian government projects and assets. You can download the policy from here.  

Victorian Investment Guidelines for Major Projects

Several guidelines and tools have been developed by the Office of Projects Victoria (OPV) to assist in developing business cases for major projects with a focus on triple bottom line considerations.  Take a look at the tools here.

Brisbane Chapter Session Recap - Asset Management in Local Government

Thursday 26 August saw the Brisbane chapter host an online Technical session with a theme of Asset Management in Local Councils. Ashish Shah, Lead Engineer, Strategic Asset Management Transport from Brisbane City. Ashish provided an interesting insight into how materials were recycled within the Road Network Maintenance and renewal activities on maintaining the integrity of BCC road network.

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