Digital Engineering – Transforming Transport for NSW

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With data becoming increasingly more critical in every aspect of our lives, it makes sense to leverage its transformational power. Data is the core capability that ought to underpin every organisation’s business objectives and asset management plans.

However, the ability to capture, store and leverage data in almost every business and organisation is ad-hoc. Data storage systems are organic, a game of catch-and-grab, mainly due to the three Vs of data: verocity, volume and variety. This shambolic method often results in information silos, making asset management strategies increasingly difficult.

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A winning contract

RAAFIn Australia’s north, the Mobile Control and Reporting Centre at RAAF Base Darwin holds responsibility to ‘prepare for, conduct and sustain effective deployable air surveillance and air battle management in the Unit’s designated area of responsibility’1. The unit’s simulation and communication assets are distributed across multiple defence sites.

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