Value and Benefits from Asset Management
An International Web Program Series of Asset Management Success Stories

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University Health, San Antonio, Texas - ISO 55001 Certification/Recertification Journey

The first hospital in the world to be ISO 55001 certified provides textbook examples of how any organization can realize dramatic benefits from a structured approach to asset management.

  • Learn about multiple values and benefits – both intended and unintended
  • Revenue generated from improved excess property sales pays to start an AM department
  • See the Return on Investment calculated by the UH accounting department
  • Hear non-measurable value of improved interdepartmental communication
  • Learn what not to do when embarking on an ISO 55001 program

Caltex Australia - Repurposing Assets

One of the two remaining refineries in Australia repurposed its assets to remain viable and maintained their share price when market volatility negatively impacted many organizations.

  • Discover how leadership and adaptability yielded share market performance
  • Looming market changes identified, and repurposing journey commenced
  • Three-year journey announced, implemented and achieved
  • Understand key factors driving success that translate to other organizations
  • Learn the key requirements in ISO 55001 that support the journey

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The Asset Management Council & Asset Leadership Network invite individuals and organizations to submit their projects for future Values and Benefits from Asset Management Success Stories web programs. Project data will be assessed for public sharing and potential presentation in a future web program. If you are interested, please click here to answer a couple of questions about yourself and your prospective presentation.