A thorough overview of asset management to understand how AM fundamentals can provide benefits to an organization...

That is the basis of our Asset Management Fundamental Course. After completion of the course, participants will be able to...

1. Define asset management within the context of ISO 5500x suite, the Asset Management Landscape and AMBoK
2. Identify the principles that underpin asset management
3. Identify available asset management tools and techniques that are applicable within organisational context
4. Identify opportunities to apply these learnings to improve individual and organisational performance.

The course concludes with an online exam, and completion of the course is a crucial step towards becoming a Certified Associate in Asset Management.

In the same manner, our Asset Management Plans course is another training initiative that offers participants practical and applicable skills for their workplace. Upon completion of an AMP course, participants will be able to...

1. Identify the content of a typical Asset Management Plan
2. Identify the benefits of a properly constructed Asset Management Plan
3. Assist participants develop an Asset Management Plan for their enterprise

Below are the dates and locations for the upcoming AMF or AMP courses. Please click on the link here to register for the course nearest you. 

Asset Management Plans Intensive - 27 March - Perth
Asset Management Fundamentals - 16 April - Melbourne
Asset Management Fundamentals - 23 April - Tasmania
Asset Management Fundamentals - 30 April - Brisbane
Asset Management Plans Intensive - 1 May - Brisbane
Coaching and Mentoring for Technical Leaders - 28 May - Sydney
Asset Management Fundamentals - 28 May - Sydney