Presented by Richard Huber PhD and Thomas W Smith...

Coaching and Mentoring for Technical Leaders

Most organisations are experiencing a turnover in leadership. This turnover is especially challenging in technical organizations, where the role and expectations of the individual engineer differs considerably from the role and expectations of a manger. In addition, many organizations have put off the development of their managerial pipeline, and now face a need for rapid development of new technical managers. Coaching and mentoring plays a significant role in developing new talent, but the skills needed to be effective in this area are not always obvious. Fortunately, solid proven methods exist, which can be learned and practiced.

In order to teach the necessary skills of effective coaching and mentoring, Thomas W Smith and Richard Huber have created the "Coaching and Mentoring for Technical Leaders" two-day course, which will be held in Sydney, directly following the AMPEAK Conference on the 28th and 29th of May. By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Diagnose the leadership development needs of others and apply the appropriate direction and support
  • Use a common language for coaching and developing others
  • Use effective coaching techniques to improve the performance and morale of others
  • Demonstrate how to successfully partner for performance with your team and others

The price of the workshop includes the two-day course and one year access to additional materials that can be used to transfer the lessons to the workplace. Rick provides this online support through a follow up web conference and through personal correspondence.

This coaching course will become a useful tool in your coaching toolbox. Please click here for the full brochure and click here for a full list of workshops and registration information.