We asked our AMCouncil community Click here to see what they told us Thanks again for all of your wonderful entries to this year's 'Win a Free Ticket to AMPEAK Competition'. We asked our AMCouncil community what the top things they were doing to strive for sustainability within their organisations and, as we were going through the results, we noticed some stand-out trends. Read on to find out what the top six ways that organisations are empowering sustainable change are!

Empowering sustainable change just happens to be the key theme of our up-and-coming AMPEAK conference! For more ideas about how to do this, come along. With only 9 sleeps to go, it's not too late to register to hear from over eighty experts talking about things such as sustainable asset management planning, measuring sustainable impact, equipping yourself and your workforce for a sustainable future, technology and innovation, Shared Value of Asset Management to community and organisations, and much, much more! For further information, to see the jam-packed 3 day program and to register, visit www.ampeak.com.au

You can download the below infographic for free here to have your very own copy.

Sustainability Infographic